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Founded in 2018, POSE, is a fitness technology company that develops products and services focussed on fitness and the benefits that come along with it. 

As a growing marketplace for all fitness and wellness content, we act as a central hub for all those looking to improve and grow in their mental, physical, and spiritual health. 

POSE is a community of athletes, trainers, and other wellness professionals who are focussed on making health fun, accessible, and impactful in peoples' daily lives. 


Empowering people, both novice and experienced, to pursue their peak performance, increase quality of life, and improve their wellness journey.


To be a community that helps each other unlock their full potential in health and wellness and works together to thrive.

Core Values


We believe that no matter what challenges face us, we will find a way over, around, or through it. There is no challenge too large that we as a unified group, with honor and dignity, cannot overcome.


We are a crossfunctional group of people who have been called to work together in the pursuit of the POSE mission and vision. We trust and rely on each other to push past our individual limits.


To make the biggest impact we can, we must be continuously improving and adapting to our circumstances. This means more than staying on the cutting edge. It means generating creative new ideas that enhance the lives of others and our company.


We strive to create a future in which our customers, community, and team can thrive and live the lives they envision. To truly prosper, we believe that individuals need to be empowered to lead physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy lives in community with others.


We exist FOR our people, our customers, our community, and our team. We believe that investing in our community will lead to mutual growth. We put the spotlight on others instead of ourselves and are fans of them first.


To us, dedication means unwavering commitment to our holistic wellness mission. It's about persistently pushing boundaries, staying true to our goals, and consistently giving our utmost in every endeavor, ensuring that every member feels the power of commitment and the drive to excel.

// Our Team

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