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POSE Digital Experience

POSE Fitness is a Mobile Based form tracking platform aimed at reducing injury and increasing growth for athletes, soldiers, and trainers. 

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Get feedback during your workout that assists in you in learning about your form efficiency and injury prevention. 

Body Tracking

By targeting a users key body points, POSE can use body tracking track to analyze movement through an exercise. From here we apply our proprietary movement algorithms to determine the quality of an exercise like a squat. 

Form Efficiency Rating

Our product will score each rep that a user performs on the app. As a user continues to use the platform in a workout program, we will be able to deliver quality ratings on each workout, exercise, and even a user's overall score over time.

Artificial Intelligence

When POSE Fitness tracks a user's movement, we can determine over time how effectively they are moving. The more they use the app, the more data we can generate about the nuances of their form. When a user breaks one of the movement rules, the app will give them specific advice on how to fix the problem. 

Hierarchical Visibility 

In the gym there are different tiers of users that can leverage the data generated by the POSE app. Individual athletes want to see their scores and progress, trainers need to keep track of their clients, and the gym itself can get a gauge on the quality of exercise happening in their facility. 

Statistic Data Visualization

It is important for users to be able to make quick and accurate fitness decisions that positively impact their workouts. Our product has been tested with users to generate a seamless and easy to use interface that doesn't interfere with your routine.

Video Playback

Like many of the best fitness applications today, once a user records their sets, they can go back and rewatch their exercise. If they made a mistake, they will be able to access a frame by frame analysis of their movement to determine where exactly their form broke down. 

Partner with AI

Learn from our artificial intelligence based body tracking system to discover areas for improvement during your lifts. Athletes and soldiers gain unique insights on their exercise quality. Trainers gain efficiency and the increased ability to take on more clients using advanced technology

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